Helium Leak Detector LX218

The essence of leak detection

The LINXON LX218 leak detector impresses with its powerful and reliable technology combined with low investment costs. 

LINXON LX218 - advantages at a glance

Integrated INFICON components enable first-class performance for absolute measurement accuracy at outstanding speed. The simple navigation and robust construction make the LX218 leak detector the ideal choice for companies in a wide range of industries. The helium leak detector has a start-up time of less than three minutes and offers a fast leak test and reaction time. A further advantage: With its vacuum mode and sniffing option, it is perfectly suited for efficient leak localization and leak size determination.

  • Competitive price thanks to standard components and direct distribution channels
  • Highest degree of availability and reliability, even after long periods of use, with proven vacuum technology components such as mass spectrometers, pumps and valves
  • Very short measuring times due to high pumping speed
  • Detection of the smallest leaks, even in environments contaminated by helium, with an intelligent stainless steel vacuum system
  • The highest quality in your production or service application guaranteed by high-precision INFICON measuring technology
  • Easy operation and installation, with no training required
  • Robust and versatile, it can be used even in the harshest production environments

LX218 installation

LINXON offers you the following videos to support your LX218 installation: