Handheld Refrigerant Leak Detectors

Affordable leak detection you can trust

Optimized for the HVAC/R & automotive aftermarket


LINXON LXD handheld leak detectors offer affordable leak detection solutions for HVAC/R & automotive service.  LXD1 and LXD2 are optimized for refrigerant leak detection, while LXD3 is specialized for forming gas (95% N2/ 5% H2) leak detection.  Each detector is equipped with field replaceable components, such as a long-lasting sensor, filter, and batteries, allowing for little to no downtime on the job.

LINXON handheld leak detectors are only available in select regions.  To learn more about availability in your area, email us at info@linxon.net or complete our contact form.


  • Affordable leak detection you can rely on
  • Simple operation allows for easy, repeatable gas analysis
  • Low maintenance with field replaceable sensor, filter and batteries


Part Numbers

LXD1 Refrigerant Leak Detector 744-202-G1
LXD2 Refrigerant Leak Detector 745-202-G1
LXD3 Forming Gas Leak Detector 746-202-G1
LXD1/LXD2 Spare sensor assembly 744-700-G1
LXD1/LXD2/LXD3 Spare filter/tip kit (includes 5 filters/2 tips) 744-701-G1
LXD3 Spare sensor assembly 746-700-G1
LXD1/LXD2/LXD3 Spare carrying case 744-703-G1
LXD1/LXD2/LXD3 Spare battery door 744-704-G1

Technical Data

Sensor Type MOS Sensor MOS Sensor MOS Sensor
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year
Sensitivity to R134a 1 g/yr 1 g/yr 5 g/yr
Sensitivity to R1234yf 1 g/yr 1 g/yr 1 g/yr
Battery Type x4 AA alkaline x4 AA alkaline x4 AA alkaline
Battery Life Approximately 4-hours Approximately 4-hours Approximately 4-hours
Battery Field Replaceable Yes Yes Yes
Sensor Filter Yes Yes Yes
Sensor Life ~300 hours ~300 hours ~300 hours
Leak Indicators Audible alarm 7-segment display, LED probe tip, audible alarm 7-segment display, LED probe tip, audible alarm
Background Zeroing Auto Auto Auto
Sensitivity Levels 3 levels 3 levels 3 levels
Warm Up Time 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds
Tested for use with A2Ls Yes Yes Yes
Weight (with batteries) 0.97 lb. (440 g) 0.97 lb. (440 g) 0.97 lb. (440 g)
Probe Length ~17 in. (43 cm) ~17 in. (43 cm) ~17 in. (43 cm)
Operating Temps 24° to 125°F (-4° to 52°C) 24° to 125°F (-4° to 52°C) 24° to 125°F (-4° to 52°C)